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Living the dream program: 

Get the Edge from real players.

Been there, seen it, done it.....

Buckle up and hang on, these events are not your ordinary sedate and sober type affair nor are they a shonky half baked attempt at making quick money run by self appointed speakers, coaches and spruikers. We have intentionally set ourselves apart from both of those groups. Our mission is to deliver and impart as much insider, elite specialised knowledge,strategies,instruments,leverage and systems to the financial benefit and well being of all our attendees as is possible in five big days. The event team of facilitators and presenters shall draw on more than   100 years of combined  direct experience in industrial, business and commercial operations across a diverse range of industries like Media Production, FMCG, Sport & Leisure, Financial Services, Accounting & Tax Planning, Hospitality, Wholesaling, Retailing, Network Marketing, Manufacturing, Telcos, Merchant Banking, Insurance, Mortgage Broking, Cosmetics,Health Foods, Advertising, Marketing and Grocery.
Hear the real stories of their wins and losses,what worked and what didn't,where the traps and pitfalls are and how to avoid them,how to read and lead your clients and suppliers, how to structure your business for success and risk protection,how pro's sell ice to Eskimo's and sand to the Arabs. Q & A sessions, demonstration and role play,  AV Screen time, white board sessions, workshopping of strategies and ideas, interactive discussion and lively seminar style presentations that inspire and empower and that is just day one, joking, maybe...
So get ready for what shall possibly be a life changing experience that will supercharge you into the life of champions; the life of your dreams. Take command of your future life and secure your ticket to freedom.
Reserve your ticket now and save up to $750.00 on this tax deductible investment simply by calling 
M - 0488145557

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